‘MasterChef India,’ on Sony Entertainment Television, is set to offer a distinctive culinary presentation of India!

From 2nd January 2023 at 9:00 PM, Sony Entertainment Television and Sony LIV are set to present a unique glimpse into the world of delectable cuisines through the new show ‘MasterChef India!’ With viewers awaiting everything that is to be showcased on the different plates from all across India, the cooking reality show has everyone excited. Taking on the role of the esteemed judges of the show will be Chefs – Ranveer Brar, Garima Arora and Vikas Khanna, taking much more than a spoonful of sugar to taste test what the contenders would be presenting to them on their plates. Contestants will come from near and far to display and depict their “Passion se Profession ka safar” through the incredible delicacies they serve to the judges, all in an effort to earn the coveted title of “MasterChef India.”

“MasterChef is not just a title, it’s an attitude”, declaring so, Chef Garima Arora has set her expectations at an all-time high. As previously said, the 4 times Michelin Star awardee spoke about what she is searching for in the contenders for the ‘MasterChef’ title, “At MasterChef, I am looking for a home cook, who is a tastemaker as well as a change maker.” Celebrity chef and food historian, Chef Ranveer Brar said that he is in search of the stories that birth the cuisine, “I have come to get a taste of the delicious stories behind every home cook’s dish which will also turn the entire country into their fan.” 6 time Michelin star winner, Chef Vikas Khanna shared about how he is in search of someone whose food is soul-stirring, “The one whose dish will not only win our tastebuds but will even touch our souls will be crowned MasterChef India.”

Having hosted auditions for the show in Kolkata, Hyderabad and Mumbai, the lucky chosen few with the right knack for the show will be moving on to the actual battlegrounds, the ‘MasterChef’ kitchen. Here, the contestants would truly have to prove that they have the fire inside them to be the Top 16 who will pick up their aprons, ready for the journey ahead.

The battle royale begins on 2nd January 2023, and only those would deservedly get their aprons who give their dishes their all through “Taste, Innovation and Presentation”, even crossing all boundaries of expectation!

Are you ready to witness this delectable journey? “Khaane par zaroor aana!”


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