Love watching viral videos? Tune into Flipkart Video’s ‘Aage Kya?’ to watch, laugh, and win big!


The quiz show gives audiences a chance to watch viral videos from the internet, guess what happens next and win big rewards

In this age of social media dominance, viral content has taken over as the source of entertainment for people across generations. Funny videos posted on the internet often spark a  chain of memes and viral reels that even go on to become a source  of entertainment, for anyone and everyone. Taking inspiration from this, Flipkart Video is set to launch ‘Aage Kya?’ – an all new quiz show based on trending viral videos that have taken the internet by storm. The fun and interactive format gives audiences a chance to win exciting prizes by guessing what happens next in some of the most funniest videos on the internet. Launching on 28th March on the Flipkart app, the show will be hosted by four unique and celebrated digital creators, who are sure to leave everyone in splits!

The influencers on the panel are popular content creators known for creating viral and relatable content for their massive social media fan following. Joining the panel is Karan (a.k.a. The Gorgeous Potahto) best known for his relatable desi skits on social media, Vivek Menon (a.k.a. i_am_watermelon) who charms the audiences with his funny take on current affairs and everyday situations, Devishi Madan, who is celebrated for her trademark desi parenting video as well as Nishu Tiwari, the real queen of prank videos and social media challenges. Throughout the show, each panelist in their own unique style will be seen providing expert commentary while also indulging in fun banter as they review the viral memes and help audiences guess what happens next.

Each episode will feature 3 hilarious clips that will be followed by a question for the audiences and the panelists will talk them through it. Every question will be supplemented by multiple answers to choose from, and the audiences will get 15 seconds to make their choice.On correctly answering all, one can stand the chance to win prizes like Smartphones, and Audio accessories, as well as Flipkart SuperCoins and Flipkart gift vouchers.

Put your love for social media and funny content to test  with Flipkart Video’s ‘Aage Kya?’ – the perfect combination of humour and quick thinking. To participate and begin winning, get on to the Flipkart app, tap the Video icon at the bottom right corner, click on ‘Aage Kya?’ and get going. Visit the Flipkart app for more information.

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