Let’s Take a Look at the 5 Best Characters from the iconic series- Breaking Bad

A well-written storyline is made iconic by its characters and so is the case with one the most intense crime thrillers of all time – Breaking Bad. Highest rated show on IMDb till date, Breaking Bad is known for the complexity of the characters and their many sides, successfully gripping the audience for 5 seasons. These characters are given a well-crafted back-story and traits that evoke emotions from the viewers. This is a series comprising of relatable and grey characters, the characters that are so perfectly flawed and villainous that we, as an audience, can’t stop drooling over them.

Breaking Bad is a show focusing on the themes of antihero, power and integrity As this much-loved show makes a debut in Hindi on Zee Café, let’s take a look at the top 5 characters in the show that have successfully carved their names in the hearts of the audiences.
Walter White
As a paradoxical protagonist, Walter is a kind, caring scientist who is also a cunning and ruthless killer. Walter’s life turns upside down when he is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and sets on a path that makes him one of the most sinister criminals. It is interesting to watch how an ordinary high school teacher turns what seems to be the end of his life, into a new beginning for himself embracing his darker side. His is a riveting tale of a man who meets his end by his own choices.

Hector Salamanca
Despite being a man of few words, communicating majorly through his iconic bell, Hector happens to be the most intimidating character of the series. His death stare was enough to spawn horror and send chills down our spines. Formerly a high-ranking member of the Mexican cartel, Hector is wheelchair-bound unable to speak or move on his own. His hatred for Gus Fring tends to intensify as the series proceeds, resulting in one of the most pivotal moments of the show.

Jesse Pinkman
Introduced as a detestable drug dealer, Jesse has had one of the most amazing character arcs on the show. An interesting and layered character brings his set of strengths to his pairing with his high school chemistry teacher, Walter White. He is a street-smart criminal with a vulnerable nature and a sense of morality, making him one of the most loved characters on the show. What keeps the audience emotionally invested in the character is his journey from being an enabler in Walter’s downfall to being a fallen angel for whom we desperately wish for a happy ending.

Gustavo Fring
The big, bad villain of the franchise, Gus Fring has every quality a villain should have. Being one of Albuquerque’s most powerful drug kingpins, he hides in plain sight as a mild-mannered owner of Los Pollos Hermanos. Despite having a respectable and composed demeanour, Gus is not afraid to eliminate anyone who poses a threat to his empire and does it in such a cold and calculating manner – it is chilling!

Saul Goodman
Saul steals the show right from his entry in the show and eventually, turns out to be a significant part of Heisenberg’s operation. As a smooth-talking lawyer, who manages to bend the law in favour of his clients, Saul is a treat to watch on screen. His charm and humour tend to lighten up serious situations amid the show’s darker moments.


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