Bollywood star Jackie Shroff educated the paps in an entertaining way – here’s how!

Bollywood stalwart Jackie Shroff has been entertaining us for more than four decades now! Be it through his movies, his epic dialogue delivery, or his fun banter with the people he loves, he always knows to stand out from the crowd. His affectionate and very ‘Bombaiya’ way of communicating as well as his genial disposition and dedication to social causes, continues to win millions of hearts even today. And once again, his epic banter with the paps as he stepped out to take a flight is going viral!

The B-town star paused to pose for photographers in Mumbai before heading to the airport. Though he was in a hurry, he spent a few minutes with the photographers and spoke to them. Apparently, the actor has been taking one flight after another for the past few days, and the paps were wondering what he does if he gets bored, to which Jaggu Dada had a very interesting reply. In fact, he educated the paparazzi with a very special message, and we have to say, it is so relatable.

Watch the full video below to know what he had to say –

When the paparazzi asked him about his avenues for entertainment while on the go, Jackie with his signature grin, unveiled his secret travel companion – his Glance-enabled smartphone, which allows him to experience personalised content across multiple categories on his lock screen.

But when the paps asked Jackie on what he will do to keep himself entertained during flights when there is no access to internet, he said in his full Jaggu Dada style, “Script padhunga, aaju baaju wale se baat karunga, khaana khaunga, gaana sununga, ya so jaunga lamba saas leke (I will read scripts, I will speak with the people around me, eat food, will listen to songs, or take a nap).”

He further added, “Internet nahi hoga toh jhaad – paan, chidiya – pakshi, dariya – wariya, sab dekho. Aur landing ke baad Glance toh hai hi (When there is no internet, look at the beauty of the trees, the birds, the river, and much more. And after landing, there’s always Glance to keep you entertained!)”

That’s not it, Jackie was also spotted advising the paparazzi to unfailingly buckle up and wear seat belts while travelling and encouraged them to undertake tree-planting efforts for a more sustainable future. With his heartfelt messages and captivating aura, Jackie Shroff remains a lasting influence in the film industry and among his admirers. A permanent fixture in the industry with an awe-inspiring career, he effortlessly commands attention both on-screen and off-screen. Jackie Shroff will be next seen in movies Baap and Quotation Gang.

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