Karishma Tanna and Madhur Bhandarkar attended Ex-flight steward turned entrepreneur Amit B Wadhwani’s grand birthday celebration

On this occasion, the 37-year-old announces his foray into the chartered plane business; launches app for bookings; promises discounted fares

Amit B Wadhwani, the Mumbai based entrepreneur, celebrated his birthday on January 2 at the Bastian restaurant in Worli, Mumbai. The event was attended by celebs from the TV and film industry like Madhur Bhandarkar, Karishma Tanna, Sondarya Shamra, Sana Makbul, Sahher Bambba and Politician Bhai Jagtap. The ex-flight steward turned entrepreneur, who turned 37, was his usual self and spoke to the media about his ventures, and also credited his time in Jet Airways for improving his communication skills and dressing sense.

Amit B Wadhwani, who owns the Proptech business SAI & mediatech venture, Buffering, has leased private chartered aircrafts to cater to growing demand in the segment. “Most of my clients in Bollywood, politics, corporates, sports etc are already using our data, technology and media assets. They leverage our connections to amplify their reach. While conducting business with them, I noticed them spending huge sums of money on private planes. Like in real estate and media, I plan to disrupt pricing in luxury chartered travel too with plans starting just Rs. 99,000,” says Amit B Wadhwani.

“Most people who bought aircrafts in the rather bullish phase between 2000 to 2012 are sitting on inventory with no takers as they lack the reach, connections and the ability to sell hours. We deal with almost all the VIPs in the country and aim to have at least 50 landings per day from February 2022, considering our ability to sell at heavy discounts,” says Buffering co-founder, Darshani Khatri.

“Post pandemic, the minimal touch points has been an area of attractiveness for the class who can afford chartered services. After Jet Airways and Kingfisher Airlines went down, Indian skies lack privacy, Uber luxury and the privilege of landing and taking off as and when wanted. With elections in 5 states in 2022, OTT boom boosting production-related travel, risk of travelling in a group, etc is all indicating a huge demand for chartered services in India” says Krishiv K L Tekchandani, co-founder, Buffering.

Darshani Khatri adds, “Our asset-light model will enable unlock value in aircrafts sitting unutilized in ground zero. Technology will help us initiate real-time bookings and display inventory spread over our app on Android and iOS. Data amplification will help us reach out to potential customers who are actually waiting for a phone call offering chartered services at affordable prices without actually compromising anything.”

“Now, that’s a big leap from the crew jump seat 20 years ago to dominating the chartered aircraft markets. These are the same clients who buy our data, our media and our amplification techniques and who fly high. So why not cater to an already existing clientele, why lose out on the revenue,” asks Amit B Wadhwani and signs off.



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