Jagbharmanti to take the vision of India’s development to the world: Ramabai

Ramila Latpatte’s world tour begins in Marathmola dress

Ramila Latpatte leaves for a world tour historical journey

Inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India speech, She planned a world tour to spread the image of India’s Develop India vision across the world and has started the world tour today on Women’s Day. Such rendering has been done by Ramabai i.e. Ramila Latpate, known as the daughter of India.  She was speaking on the occasion of the Jagbhramanti Yatra flag-off today.

Women in India are at the forefront in every field, now Ramila is going to create a new history by travelling around the world on a motorcycle wearing a Nauvari saree adorned in Marathmola.  The yatra started from the Gateway Of India. today on 9th March and will return to India on 8th March 2024 after a journey of about 365 days.
In this world tour, she will travel to 12 continents, and 20 to 30 countries and will cover a distance of about one lakh kilometers. India’s daughter Ramila Latpate intends to spread the culture of India and Maharashtra to every country by spreading various ingredients, food items, and Indian culture made through various self-help groups in Maharashtra.
Rama (Raising Able Mankind All Round) is planning a world tour.  Earlier, Ramabai has travelled to many places in India on a motorcycle, which is why she has set a goal of travelling the world.

Ramila Latpete is a resident of Chinchwad (Pune).  She conducts women and youth empowerment activities for an NGO Ahilya Foundation.


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