“It is very important to give them their due respect.. To think and feel without bias and prejudice while doing such a scene”, says Gaurav Chopra on shooting with a real transgender in Rana Naidu

How frequently do you see a web series with a plot that includes taboo subjects like child abuse and adultery? While we have seen writers include s*x and drama into the plot, they have rarely broached sensitive subjects. Rana Naidu, a Netflix original series that was released recently has drawn praise for its excellent acting and production values. Due to his outstanding performance in the web series, Gaurav Chopra, who played Prince Reddy, is the talk of the town.

He has performed yet another outstanding act in Rana Naidu after making waves with Shiva in Bachchhan Paandey. Gaurav Chopra caused a stir with his acting prowess in the series, effortlessly portraying a character with multiple layers and shades. He is undoubtedly the man of the moment, as evidenced by the adoring comments his portrayal of Prince Reddy has received. The love and blessings that have been heaped on Mr. Chopra since the debut of his new web series have left him overwhelmed.

The renowned artist recently made an intriguing disclosure when discussing his work in Rana Naidu. He acknowledged working with an actual transgender person on one of the OTT show’s scenes. Over the years, we have heard about actors being not so comfortable working with the people from the LGBQT community. And that’s not it the movies based on their lives would often have male actors and female actors to represent them, instead to casting an actor from the LGBQT community. But this changed with the series, the creators of Rana Naidu gave a real transgender a stage at a time when LGBQT artists were demanding representation in movies and television series, winning plaudits from all quarters and that’s not it they initiated more of their screen presence in the series.

When we questioned Gaurav if he was nervous about filming the scene, he said, “the sequence did not display any nudity. Because a transgender person was involved, it was conceptually brave. . I believe it was a landmark decision by Karan Anshuman, our creative director, to cast a transgender person in the part.”

He then shared his opinion, saying that he wanted to make a statement about himself. ” If someone is my co-actor, I don’t  differentiate and treat them any differently based on their gender and their sexual preferences and It is very important to give respect  and feel equal while doing such a scene. I will still play the scene with the same conviction if it was anyone. . I treated Chandni with the same regard and seriousness as I did Rana and Ventakesh sir. I beleive in treatong everyone equally because I’m a constructing the scene with a co-actor. I am aware that I am acting in a scenario with another person, and that only when both actors perform well will the scene appear excellent.”

Gaurav has showcased multiple talents in one role, and is Soaring high with his acting skills and we are loving him as Prince! The show Rana Naidu is currently streaming on Netflix.


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