“In negative roles, I have a lot more freedom to explore and express the character” Says Lakshay Khurana from ‘Ishq Jabariya’

Sun Network recently launched their Hindi General Entertainment Channel (GEC), Sun Neo. Along with the channel, they introduced several new shows, including ‘Ishq Jabariya’ featuring talented actors like Kamya Panjabi, Lakshay Khurana and Siddhi Sharma.Playing a positive role for the first time on hindi television, actor Laksh Khurana who is seen essaying the lead role of Aditya spoke about his excitement and challenges he faced while taking on this project.

While speaking on his take on playing Aditya, Lakshay said, “Playing a negative role is much easier for me than playing a positive one. In negative roles, I have a lot more freedom to explore and express the character. However, when playing a positive role, I have to be much more careful and thoughtful, especially in scenes where I need to show anger. There’s always a fear that if I overdo it, the character might come across as negative.”

He further added, “I find playing a negative character very comfortable. I can simply go on set, read my lines, and perform with ease. It’s exciting, and I love it,” he explained. “On the other hand, in my current show ‘Ishq Jabariya’, I am playing a positive character, which I sometimes find challenging. The positive role requires more effort and precision from me, but I believe I am doing my best.”

“Ishq Jabariya is a touching love story about Gulki, a lively young woman who dreams of becoming an air hostess. Despite facing difficulties with her strict stepmother, Gulki stays positive. Along the way, she encounters unexpected turns, possibly finding love in unexpected places. Starring Kamya Panjabi, Siddhi Sharma, and Lakshya Khurana, this series promises a tale of strength, surprises, and the magic of love.”


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