“In a world where every step counts, I believe in living life without compromises,” says Sara Ali Khan as she inspires girls to embrace periods fearlessly

Popular Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan is set to redefine confidence in managing periods as she takes on the role of brand ambassador for Sofy. With a dynamic presence and relatable persona, Sara aims to inspire girls to embrace their periods fearlessly. The partnership focuses on resonating with the aspirations of GenZ girls who seek confidence, comfort, and worry-free periods in their fast-paced lives. The TVC, showcasing a day in Sara’s life, highlights her hectic routine and how the brand’s AntiBacteria range ensures she can conquer each day without concerns of leakage, smell, or bacteria.

*Sara Ali Khan said*, _”In a world where every step counts, I believe in living life without compromises. Sofy supports my long day shoots, prevents leaks, and ensures hygiene throughout the day. Every girl deserves a partner that understands her dreams and supports her journey, and this brand has always been my trusted partner. With this association, I take pride in endorsing a product that aligns with the aspirations of the youth today to embrace a lifestyle that’s ambitious and fearless.”_

*Link*: https://youtu.be/TnrFcNAFxK0

As Sara advocates Sofy as a reliable solution offering confidence and comfort, making it the ideal choice for modern, active girls, the brand echoes, “hum aage aage duniya peeche peeche.” The brand remains dedicated to supporting girls on their journey to greatness.


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