From K-POP star Aoora to Pamela Anderson, 10 times when BIGG BOSS amazed viewers with its list of contestants

BIGG BOSS has captured the hearts of Indian viewers as the most adored reality show. It offers a captivating blend of drama, emotions, surprising twists, and unexpected delights. Each season of BIGG BOSS introduces a fascinating array of contestants, each with their own unique personalities, coexisting under one roof. From entangled love triangles to fiery arguments, strategic manoeuvres to unforeseen friendships and heart-wrenching break-ups, the show takes its audience on a thrilling emotional rollercoaster.

BIGG BOSS consistently delivers entertainment that keeps its audience hooked. Here is a list of contestants who have left an indelible mark on the show across multiple seasons:

● Rakhi Sawant: The drama and entertainment in BIGG BOSS began in season 1 with the entry of Rakhi Sawant as a contestant. She has been part of the show for multiple seasons giving endless content to the viewers. Rakhi is famous for her fights and funny dialogues.

● Pamela Anderson: Baywatch star, Pamela Anderson entered the BIGG BOSS house for a three-day stint in season 4. She barely knew Salman Khan before coming to the show. Her unscripted entry left the contestants stunned. She surprised everyone by learning Hindi and cooking Indian food. Pamela was reportedly paid a hefty amount of 2.5 Crore for three days.

● Dolly Bindra: One of the most memorable contestants of BIGG BOSS, Dolly Bindra is quite famous for her loud entry in the BIGG BOSS and her fights with other contestants in season 4. She was a constant source of entertainment and drama in the house for the viewers. Even after a decade, her dialogue is still famous as a meme “Baap pe mat jana”.

● Sunny Leone: The season 5 wild card entry, Sunny Leone gained immense popularity through the reality show. The major highlight of her journey was when Mahesh Bhatt came to offer her a lead role in his new production. Despite her fear for the reaction of the Indian audience on her appearance in a reality show, she turned out to be a great contestant.

● Pooja Mishra: Pooja Mishra gained fame after BIGG BOSS season 5. She entered the reality show and made the season hit with her drama and entertainment. Her dialogue during a fight with Shonali Nagrani became an internet sensation, “Are you asking for it? Are you dying for it?”

● Imam Siddiqui: Imam Siddiqui entered the BIGG BOSS house in season 5 and gained fame with his random statements and comments. He claimed that he made Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta movie stars. He also claimed that he lent money to Salman Khan. He gave endless content and drama to the viewers.

● Aoora: K-Pop sensation Aoora made a memorable entrance into season 17 of BIGG BOSS as a wild card contestant. His arrival was announced on the Glance Smart Lock Screen with a catchy note, ‘Mohalle mein chhaya nazar aa raha hai Aoora ka aura’, instantly captivating everyone’s attention. Inside the house, Aoora unleashed a wave of K-Pop fever, delighting his fellow contestants by teaching them Korean words and endearing love signs. In his few weeks of journey, Aoora became the captain of the house for a week and became best friends with Arun Srikanth Mashetty who was also his translator.

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