“I asked Lata Didi to sign on the pallu of her saree so that it is visible to everyone whenever I choose to wear it,” revealed Asha Bhosle on the sets of DID L’il Masters Season 5 

Over the last three decades, Zee TV has been instrumental in providing the Indian youth with a global platform to showcase their singing, dancing, and acting talent. In fact, the channel’s most iconic dance reality show, Dance India Dance, revolutionized the landscape of dance in the country when it first began to air in 2009. Over the last 13 years, the platform has stood testimonial to the sheer passion and love that India holds in its heart towards dance. After giving the audience a glimpse of this year’s mind-blowing talent, Zee TV recently launched its top-rated reality show for the youngest dancing talent in the country – DID L’il Masters Season 5.

Since its launch, viewers have been having a gala time watching the young dancing sensations put up some wonderful acts week after week. This Saturday as well, viewers are in for a special treat as the L’il Masters celebrate the life of the legendary Lata Mangeshkar like never before in the presence of her sister – Asha Bhosle. While the young talents impressed Asha ji as well as the judges during the shoot, it was Asha ji’s surprising revelation that left everyone speechless! When host Jay Bhanushali asked the late singer’s sister if she ever had a fan moment or if she took anyone’s autograph, Asha ji revealed that just before Lata ji passed away, she had taken the late singer’s autograph on the pallu of her old saree. But that isn’t it! Asha ji also brought the saree to the sets of DID L’il Masters and revealed the whole story in front of everyone, leaving everyone teary-eyed.

As Asha Bhosle said, “I have met some great personalities in my life like Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, and many more, but I have never asked for their autographs. I have only one person’s autograph and that is Lata Mangeshkar. She called me inside her room when she was ill 5 – 6 months back and said “mujhse jo kuch chahiye, maang lo.’ I was stunned, but after a while I asked her to give me her autograph on the pallu of one of her old sarees. I have even brought it with me today as this is the most prized possession of my life and I don’t think that anything else can ever surpass it. I asked her to sign on the pallu of the saree so that it is visible to everyone whenever I choose to wear it.”

While Asha Ji’s surprising revelation will leave you speechless, wait till you watch all the exciting performances of the Fantastic-15 this weekend.


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