Hina Khan starrer Country of Blind lead co- star Shoib Nikash Shah receives the ‘Best Actor’ award for Country of Blind at the first-ever DESIblitz Film Fusion Festival 2022

Mumbai based Shoib Nikash Shah wins the ‘Best Actor’ award for the adventure film, Country of Blind, starring Hina Khan and directed by Rahat Kazmi, at the Inuagural DESIblitz Film Fusion Festival in Birmingham, UK. Shoib who originally hails from Pamrote village, in Jammu and Kashmir, India, delivers a splendid performance in the Indo-Hollywood production, which is an adaptation of The Country of Blind, a short story by HG Wells.

In the film, Shoib portrays the suave and strong character of Abhimanyu, a mountaineer who survives after falling off a cliff, finding himself in a strange valley amongst non-seeing people.There is more to Shoib’s character name, particularly as it has an interesting correlation to where he belongs.

After picking up his ‘Best Actor’ award, Shoib issued a statement reading, “As an actor, my onscreen character was very appealing from the onset. To me, he is like an actual, Herculean hero. It was a dream come true to depict the various human aspects, which naturally flowed through from HG Wells to Rahat Kazmi Ji.”

He further adds, “I would like to express a special gratitude to everyone connected with the first edition of the DESIblitz Film Fusion Festival 2022. “I am very thankful to the organisers for officially selecting, Country of Blind, under their UK & World Films strand and showcasing it as an Opening Night World Premiere.”

Faisal Shafi, Festival Programme Director, sees potential in Shoib, mentioning: “Shoib Nikash Shah has all the ingredients to become a successful actor and filmmaker, providing he continues to nourish and solidify his talent. Future destiny firmly lies in the hands of Shoib as we see get to him beyond and over the mountains.”

Shoib Nikash Shah is definitely a name to remember, particularly as he will be featuring in some exciting forthcoming films as well as bringing issue driven subjects and human interest stories to the forefront.


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