Ghode Ko Jalebi Khilane Le Ja Riya Hoon

Taking the This film is a result of seven years of documentation of lives of street people of old Delhi– beggars, pick pockets, loaders, small scale factory workers, street singers, street vendors etc. The film does not move in a linear fashion. It moves like homeless and migrant communities from minute to minute changing its space and structure with every on-going event. There is no one story but several stories. Dreams and stories mixed together to form an exciting magic realism. We do not have the comfortable structure of saturated and complacent lives but have tried to tread with people who don’t know what’s happening next. Film uses both trained actors and real people. The Zen of small events is the source of celebration rather than big events. Since we have a very versatile team coming from different backgrounds: Theatre, Painting, Animation, Cinema and Special effects along with a very gifted cinematographer, our film will move from real land scape to photographs to theatrical moments to painted land scape to absolute cinema, a journey exciting for all of us. Music composed by Tyrax Ventura a young rock musician will have ‘Industrial sounds ‘.

The music of the film will also move from contemporary Indian music to traditional Indian music. In the film we will move from neo realism to Indian folk and even to expressionism when it comes to the dreams. The actors of our team are steeped in deep understanding of the theatrical traditions both folk and contemporary. In terms of genre the film moves from light irony to Black humou.

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