Gautam Singh Vig’s, this decision proved why he is the best captain of Bigg Boss 16 house!

With brewing pressure and controversies in the reality show Bigg Boss 16, contestants had a tough fight for captaincy. Going against all the odds, Gautam Singh Vig becomes the new captain  of the house.  During the captaincy task, there was a huge fight that had erupted between Archana and Shalin.

Archana endeavors to stop Shalin. The moment was so heated up that Shalin had pushed his way out from Archana. Archana gets hurt and asks Bigg Boss for justice. She whines about being hit by Shalin during the task. Sajid Khan along with other contestants demanded Bigg Boss to take action against Shalin for the same.

Gautam Singh Vig who became the new captain of the house had to take a decision. As per Bigg Boss’s order, Gautam decides if Shalin has flouted the norms or not. Gautam despite being Shalin’s good friend inside the house took a decision. He stood firm and went against his friend Shalin.

Bigg Boss at the end takes a final call and announces that Shalin gets nominated for two weeks and will never be able to fight for captaincy in future.

This fair decision taken by Gautam is been getting a lot of praise outside. Indeed, television’s Hritik Roshan will also be known as a captain who is here to take decisions that will be fair, maintaining the decorum of the house inside.

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