From actors like Rithvik Dhanjani, Tanuj Virwani to the netizens, the Internet wants to know who the Angres are?

Move over from Baspan Ka Pyaar, the internet has got its latest fixation. The Angres! Since Tuesday morning, many internet users have kickstarted a series of questions and facts about a family named Angre. And if you are looking for answers from us, then no, we’ve no idea who these Angres are.

However, the internet seems to have been obsessed with Angres. While no one has any clue of the Angres, many started speculating stories on the internet. Several conjectures suggest that Angres have ties with the Ambanis, Wadias, and Tatas. Whoa! We know of the Angres as of now because they hail from Mumbai and seem to be an influential set of people. However, the internet is having a fun time speculating about the Angres.

Some of these tweets have left us bamboozled. The others have left us rolling on the floors. Furthermore, it’s not just the internet. Several popular celebrities like Rithvik Dhanjani also posted “Iss city ke har restaurant mein Angres ke liye table booked hai! Who are The Angres?”,  whereas Tanuj Virwani posted, “I opened my Instagram only to see everyone talking about the Angres. Does anybody know who the Angres are?”, and the internet joined the bandwagon of the Angre craze.

While, one of the Twitter users wrote, “Google doesn’t dare to ask Angres, ‘Are you a Robot?’ That’s who Angre’s are”. Another tweet read, “Rumour has it that the A in Antilla is an ode to Angres”. Not just this a few Twitteratis even suggested that Angres have connections with Jeff Bezos and the three Khans of Bollywood. “Jeff Bezos asked the Angres if they’d like a trip to Space! They denied,” one tweet read, while another one read, “Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, and Aamir Khan chill with the Angres! Need I say more?”

Twitter and Instagram are buzzing with the question ‘Who the Angres are?’ Just within a few hours, tweets and posts have been posted asking about the Angres. And it seems the craze is here to stay.

Let us know your theory about the Angres in the comments below. In the meantime, we pray that the suspense around the Angres is out soon. We can’t handle another mystery

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