Anaysha and Kashti, and what makes them targets for revenge? Find out in ALTBalaji’s psycho-thriller Bekaaboo 2


ALTBalaji’s psycho-thriller Bekaaboo 2 is full of luring characters to keep the audience entertained. Anaysha’s (played by Subha Rajput) introduction clearly shows she is being tracked down by an angry Kiyan for revenge but has her friend Kashti played by Priya Banerjee by her side. She seems to have a thing for the gorgeous dancer, Shaurya played by Ankit Gupta. All this while, Kiyan seems to be lurking in the shadows waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

“Anaysha and Kashti are supposedly best friends. Anaysha is a bestselling author who cannot seem to handle her fame. When fame gets to her, she unconsciously puts herself on a path to self-destruction, not realizing it the whole time. Thus her life is in danger time and time again. A very challenging role, but I had a ton of fun doing it”- Subha Rajput.

“It is always a wonderful experience to play a high-spirited, wild, can’t-be-shackled woman. Any actor will tell you the same. Kashti’s free spirit and her impulsiveness make her quite harmless as compared to some of the other characters in the story of Bekaaboo 2. She, however, is a classic example of how working on instincts can be a disaster” – Priya Banerjee

The series is a complete psycho-revenge saga, filled with twists and turns to keep the series forever interesting. Anaysha and Kashti are on Kiyan’s revenge radar. They have to constantly live in fear of what is going to happen to them at the hands of Kiyan. Kiyan teams up with an unlikely partner to avenge the death of his career. The story is just too good to be missed.

The other amazing actors making the show whole are Taher Shabbir, Poulomi Das, Taha Shah Badussha, Smaran Sahu, Trishna Mukherjee, and various others.

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