Exploring the universal question: To spend or not to spend?


shahzad ahmed

The day you get your first salary is an extremely special moment of your life. After years of coming up with iconic reasons for ‘Paapa, college ke kaam ke liye paise chahiye’ to the endless failed Goa trips; we finally get to have one glorious– ‘Your salary has been credited.’ From our first day of work, we start creating a bucket list. Now the only thing that remains a puzzle is to spend or not to spend? Shedding light on this universally complex question, The Viral Fever (TVF) in association with DSP Mutual Fund, is back with yet another refreshing episode of Cubicles.Here are 5 things that we’re sure every salaried employee has been through:  1.       Sabse pahele lenge mummy daddy ka naam.Our parents have been our teacher, go to person and the only human who’ve supported us throughout our life. Appreciating their hard work, the best gift you could give them is buying something new for them with your first pay. The cost doesn’t matter but the effort counts and be assured that this will definitely make them super happy!2.      When your bills come knocking.Since childhood, we have all been asked this universal question by our parents – Bijli ka bill kya tum bharogey? Today is the day we can proudly say, Haa papa, hum bharenge! Living alone seems all roses and petals, until the thorns of the bills prick you. Before we know it, the dreadful message – ‘Money deducted from you’re A/C’ becomes your undying motivation to worker harder for a higher pay. 3.      Save Karlo, Paise jhaad pe nahi ugtey.We have all disconnected insurance and mutual fund calls as soon as they say, ‘Sir, Mutual fund scheme loge?’, unknown to us they are soon to be our next BFFs! The first person to advise us on our very first pay is our ex money machine Papa ji. With their sarcastic comment ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’, to sending you endless saving schemes, they will help you in investing your money at the right time.4.      Live Life at the fullest.While it’s very important to save and invest, but thodasa jeelo yaaron. After paying all the expenses, dues and gifting your parents, it is very necessary to pamper ourselves a little and appreciate our hard work too.

5.      From Plain Maggi to cheese Maggi – an upgrade we all deserve.Maggi is the go-to comfort food for every person living away from their parents. With the first pay cheque and a sudden motivation to become the next master chef, we all try to experiment with our food. The food might not be lajawab but a little extra cheese will do just fine.

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