Director Sajid Khan adds one more feather to his hat as he gets felicitated by the renowned Grandmaster Kim Yong Ho

Sajid Khan was recently seen at an event where Taekwondo practitioners had assembled under one roof. Being an avid fan of the Taekwondo sport, Sajid Khan’s dream come true moment happened when renowned grandmaster Kim Yong Ho felicitated him with an honorary induction and a black belt.

Taekwondo, a Korean Martial art developed between the 1940s and 1950s, has been considered one of the most healthy sports. The sport involves a lot of physical strength and strict discipline. Sajid Khan held high esteem in this form of martial art and was overwhelmed by receiving this award.

Talking to us exclusively on this, Sajid Khan says, “I was quite amazed when I was first notified that the Taekwondo School’s Association wanted to award me an honorary induction and a black belt which was going to be presented by the renowned grandmaster Kim Yong Ho. I was extremely honoured because I was being recognized for something I hold in high esteem. I truly believe that Taekwondo is a present of the talent and skills that Korea has offered to the world. Because it not only helps gain self-defence skills but also builds self-confidence within oneself.”

Sajid Khan also believes that a sport like Taekwondo should be made mandatory in schools as it can be highly beneficial in a child’s upbringing. Sajid Khan added, “It is essential for young children in schools to practice this healthy sport as it will boost their morale and enlighten them with the ever-needed discipline. After this felicitation and earning this honorary belt, even though I am not a sports person, it has suddenly inspired the need to be fit proactively!

Director Sajid Khan’s upcoming projects are highly anticipated by the masses. The ace director promises to keep his fans, and all the movie lovers updated about it.

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