Mithila Palkar sports a blood-red stain as she joins hands with Carmesi in the fight against period shaming

Carmesi, India’s prominent feminine hygiene and women’s wellness brand, announces actress Mithila Palkar as the brand ambassador for its Period Care and Hair Removal categories. The brand is known for its bold persona that challenges stereotypes of the feminine hygiene industry by constantly innovating and vocalizing women’s issues.  For International Women’s Day this year, Carmesi and Mithila join hands for a bold and powerful campaign that celebrates periods in all its messy glory, and encourages menstruators to accept and embrace their powerful bodies.

The campaign kick-started with Mithila posting a striking picture of herself with a glaring red stain on her shorts, and an open letter citing the need to change how we perceive menstruation, on her social channels. Furthermore, the brand launched a compelling digital film to raise awareness on the topic.  The digital film showcases a bold visual of Mithila Palkar walking away from the camera holding an open Carmesi Sensitive Pad, with a red stain on her shorts. The film focuses on the tagline- ‘For Humans Who Period’. The strong visuals behind the frame convey a powerful message that a period stain is just a stain. Periods don’t make a menstruator ‘dirty’ or ‘impure’, and people with periods need to embrace their powerful period bodies rather than being ashamed of them.

Speaking on the campaign, Mithila Palkar said, “A large part of our community still cringes at the mere mention of the word – PERIOD. So, when Carmesi asked me to represent them, I saw in them a brand that genuinely cares for women and is constantly working towards period positivity. In working with them, I saw an opportunity to stand up for a cause that shouldn’t be a cause in the first place. If #OwnYourRedSpot can make even one menstruator feel confident and comfortable about their period, I’ll sleep with a smile.”


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Speaking on Mithila joining the Carmesi family, Tanvi Johri, co-founder – Carmesi, said, “Mithila is a lot like the Carmesi woman. She is hardworking, self-made, incredibly talented, and yet extremely grounded. Qualities we feel that she shares with the women who use and love Carmesi. We are delighted to have her onboard and are certain that this association will help us reach and influence people across the country to embrace their powerful menstruating bodies and own their red spot with dignity and confidence.”

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