Dr. Shiva Rajkumar oozes ‘Big Daddy’ swag in the first teaser of Director M.G. Srinivas’ GHOST

The highly anticipated teaser of Dr. Shiva Rajkumar in Director Lord M.G. Srinivas’ Ghost dropped today, 12th July, and to call the film one of the biggest possible mass entertainers of the year would be an understatement. From the first frame to the last, the teaser screams swag, with Shiva Rajkumar reminding one and all why he’s the “OG – Original Gangster” and “Big Daddy of all Masses”.

Seated in a dimly lit hideout, the promo begins with Shiva Rajkumar consuming a pani puri albeit with Jack Daniels whisky instead of tamarind water while a team of heavily armed mercenaries enters his den and promises to take him down in 10 minutes. A voice can be heard over a radio warning said team that the earlier unit had promised to execute him in 5 minutes, but never returned.

As they face the OG, it’s time for Big Daddy to turn on his inimitable swag, beginning first by flicking his glass of whisky and cigarette backward like only he can and then setting fire to a tank parked behind him. He follows that by lighting another cigarette with a fire stick plonked at his feet and then mouthing the mother of all catchphrases to the bewildered mercenaries: “I’ve scared more people with my eyes than you can ever scare with your guns.”

Written and directed by M.G. Srinivas of Birbal fame (regarded as one of India’s greatest thrillers); Ghost is an upcoming heist film in Kannada, being billed as ‘India’s most unique heist film’. Produced by Sandesh Nagaraj under his Sandesh Productions banner, it also stars Jayaram, Prashant Narayanan, Satya Prakash and veteran Bollywood actor Anupam Kher. The makers are planning for a Dussehra release, with a mega pan-India release in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam also on the anvil.


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