Bigg Boss 17: Neil Gets a Warning About Competitors Ankita and Vicky

The seventeenth episode of COLORS’ BIGG BOSS Season 17 was packed with unexpected twists and turns. The first task of the season was revealed through a note on the Glance Smart Lock Screen, which urged the contestants to focus on their individual performance rather than relying on their teams. This created chaos and commotion in the house, leading to a dramatic turn of events.

The note on the Glance Smart Lock screen read, “Jhund mein ghumne walo ki ab khone lagi hai INDIVIDUALITY” (Those who are roaming in groups are now losing their individuality). Mannara and Navid were the first to read it and inform the rest of the housemates. Soon after the note was read, BIGG BOSS instructed everyone to gather in the ‘mohalla’ and asked the contestants of the Dimaag room to submit all the ration of the house in the storeroom.

Ankita from Dil and Mannara from Dimaag were chosen to compete for the task. However, before explaining the rules, BIGG BOSS got angry at the contestants for talking among themselves. He then asked Ankita and Mannara to perform the task, with Sana as the ‘sanchalak.’ Sana read the rules from the rule book but was not allowed to share the rules with other contestants. The task was to hold a giant pan in the exact same position as the picture in front of everyone. The one who drops the pan first would lose. But what the contestants didn’t know was that the sanchalak’s decision would be biased.

A few moments later, BIGG BOSS suddenly asked Sana who dropped the pan first. Despite everyone screaming Mannara’s name, Sana said Ankita’s name, based on her personal bias towards her. This caused an uproar in the house, with everyone blaming Sana for her unfair decision. As a result, the Dimaag room, who won, was given 2 minutes to collect as much ration as they could from the storeroom, while the other contestants would only be given basic ration for all meals for one week.

Meanwhile, Neil was called into the therapy room by BIGG BOSS to discuss the situation and warn him about Vicky and Ankita. BIGG BOSS told Neil that Vicky and Ankita are not his friends but competitors, and he should act accordingly. This added another layer of drama to the already tense atmosphere in the house. With so much happening in just one episode, it’s safe to say that this season of BIGG BOSS is breaking its own records and keeping viewers hooked!

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