Bigg Boss 17 gives its biggest surprise to contestants this season; enabling them to play smarter!

COLORS’ Bigg Boss has started off with a bang with several exciting contestants entering the house. While the contestants have been busy getting to know each other and exploring the house, the first mega surprise has been revealed already! With this season’s three game changing mantras- Dil, Dimaag Aur Dum, we see the house having three different makaans. What’s even more exciting is that, for the first time in Bigg Boss history, the Dimaag room will give contestants important Bigg Boss news, insider insights, smart tips and tricks that will help them strategize their gameplay and help them play a smart game. All this will happen via Glance Smart Lock Screen that is placed inside Dimaag room.

Bigg Boss has partnered with the platform to help contestants to play smarter, which will keep them updated with – news, sports, games, entertainment, fashion, and much more. Speculations were already widespread regarding contestants gaining access to information via smartphones for the very first time. However, this unexpected revelation has surprised both contestants and fans alike. The introduction of the platform as part of Bigg Boss’ Dimaag or Strategy play, will open a new world of possibilities for contestants.

Additionally, this season, Glance will have several intelligent integrations and engaging experiences and is expected to emerge as the housemates’ closest confidant. Fans of Bigg Boss will also have an opportunity to be part of the action like never before. Fans will be able to watch interesting content around the happenings in the Bigg Boss House directly on their smart lock screens and become part of what could be the most extensive Bigg Boss fan community in the country.

So, what are you waiting for? This exciting partnership between Bigg Boss and the platform promises a plethora of surprises, joyful adventures, and twists that will elevate the drama quotient to new heights. Get ready to witness history in the making as Bigg Boss combines entertainment, strategy, and surprise with the cutting-edge platform smart lock screen!

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