All or Nothing: Totthenham Hotspur will give fans a chance to see what goes inside our dressing room, says José Mourinho


Amazon Prime Video’s upcoming series, All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur is a treat for all the football buffs. The series will take sports fans behind the scenes of this illustrious football club during a pivotal season and follow all of the key events, including the arrival of José Mourinho as the club’s new head coach.Talking about how the show is different from an actual football game, José says, “People love football. What they have in their homes normally is 90 minutes of football and a little bit of the pre-match press conferences and after match. But the day-to-day is something that normally is hidden behind closed doors.

Jose Mourinho, Heung-Min Son, Dele Alli, Lucas Moura, Hugo Lloris attend White Hart Lane for a closed team screening of Amazon Prime Video’s All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur, ahead of its release on Prime Video on Monday 31st August.

20 years ago I couldn’t have ever imagined that I would be doing this with Amazon. Because 20 years ago, even 15, even 10, even five years ago, the dressing room, and when we say dressing room we mean our life behind closed doors – was quite sacred. It’s like a temple. We used to say what happens inside stays inside. So to imagine that people would be able to watch a halftime team talk, along with all of the good, bad and crazy moments, is great. We are giving people access to all of the things that you normally aren’t able to show.”Jose further explained, “I’ll give you an example: I love Formula 1 but what can I watch in Formula 1? I watch the race and then when they invite me to go to some Grand Prix I can share a few minutes in the boxes with the drivers or the engineers or the coaches but no more than that. When you have a TV series like yours [Amazon’s Grand Prix Driver] you go into the inside of it. And of course, I loved it. Now I imagine the billions that love football will have this kind of access too. And I can promise because I know that everything was real in this case. Nothing was prepared. Everything was just us.”The series is all set to stream exclusively on Amazon Prime Video from 31 August, 2020 onwards.

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