Astonishing Diwali Ideas By Interior Designer Punam Kalra

Diwali is the season for the warmth of social and familial bonding, elaborate house parties, gluttonous food, vibrant lighting, and festive colors. Lively and luxurious, minimal and alluring, eccentric and chic, this is your season to bring your own aura into your interiors. Free to experimentation and interpretation, it is the age for new and modern adaptations of the traditional and contemporary, thus giving new definitions to these themes and to your spaces. Whatever your preferred style may be, we strongly advocate a sense of muted luxury and warm comfort this Diwali.

A play of the traditional elements with the trends and colors of this season can create the perfect grandeur this Diwali. A touch of metal or metallic shades can uplift a fairly subdued space by instantly adding glamour to the room by lending it that delicate touch of luxury. Metallic doesn’t have to translate only into the standard silver and gold, but can be an assorted choice from amongst gold, rose gold, copper, brass, silver, iridescent and black nickel. These metallic details can be added in the form of discreet upholstery patterns, lighting details, sleek furniture details, crockery, wall hangings and screens for a more dramatic space with an enhanced ornamental look. Using luminous metallic fabrics for furniture, like in our Aureate Chairs, is another fantastic way to capture the light and add a new contemporary warmth and sheen to any room.

A combination of white and warm grey along with underlying jewel tones of emerald, burgundy and even fuchsia can bring out the true spirit of the celebrations. Perfect for creating plush spaces, the soft, neutral-hued matte look in white and grey can be highlighted with deep colored highlight walls in textured colors, elegant patterns, hand-painted, plush wallpapers or contrasting artworks to create a highly contemporary and timeless appeal.

Nifty furniture detailing in an assortment of colors and textures, like in our playful dining set combining the timeless appeal of sleek natural wood, high gloss finishing and gold leafing with a healthy splash of vibrant orange, create spaces that exude a sense of subtle elegance. Since it’s the season to host people, fun furniture like our minimal yet luxurious Amarillo rich suede coffee table with multiple legs in gold and clean architectural lines that channels an elegant modern vibe can prove to be a feisty and colorful addition to your living room. A modern, young and quirky furniture in modern materials like steel and acrylic solid surfaces like our geometric and minimal center table with card inspired inlays can set the right tone for your house gatherings.

Diwali is especially incomplete without lighting. It is definitely amongst the defining factors of any festive décor and can make or break a space. Any lighting installation or chandelier is an extension of the room’s personality and, we believe, should have its own unique identity and charisma. Chandeliers and statement pieces designed in semi-precious stones and trendy metals add a feeling of warm luxury to the room without it looking too ostentatious like our sleek, traditional jaali and motif inspired corner lamp adds delicate light patterns, highlighting the space and creating a stunning experience.

Colorful rugs or throws, carpets and drapes in plush textile can be used to further add a bright dash of color and uplift the most mundane spaces. Quirky, contemporary accessories such as bells, incense stick holders, torans, uruli, tall lamps, mirrors in different geometric shapes and materials like brass, steel, stone, ceramics, concrete, along with fragrant flowers can be used to create a spectacular sensory experience.

While decorating your house for the festivities, the key principle is to not go overboard. To keep a check, the ideal way is to identify the important feature areas in the house to be focused on. Based on the form, utility and overall ambiance of the area, you can add a statement piece either by way of its color, material or sculptural form, complete with its own set of lighting and accessories. The rest of the house can have more subtle and simpler additions to create a stylish festive look.


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