ALTBalaji’s producer Tanveer Bookwala spills some beans on the ‘Producer Lab’ series, a segment of the #ALTBalajiBingeFest

An OTT campaign that’s both entertaining and educative. Sounds difficult right? Well, ALTBalaji’s campaign #ALTBingeFest is here to make that notion disappear with its contents. Its been doing tremendously well since its inception and continues to be the talk of the town. One of their many events is the ‘Producer Lab Series’, which is here to bridge the gap between the audience and what goes on behind the camera. Notable producers speak candidly about their respective journey’s in the field, thereby educating and inspiring the audience and students who want to enter the entertainment industry to push their limits and get where they want to.

So, gear up to be one with ALTBalaji Producers this season! They aim at educating the youth through this brilliant initiative on YouTube which is a part of their #ALTBingeFest. Just like the Director’s Lab, this initiative is sure to make the loudest noise amongst the youngsters, and rightly so!

This series is all set to have known producers such as Samar Khan, Sachin Mohite and Tanveer Bookwala on it this year. The series is for aspiring storytellers associated with The National College and MET Institute of Mass Media. These producers will be in conversation with the students from these college’s, sharing their expertise and wisdom to educate them and get them ready to face the real world. The entertainment industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world, so any help or any step towards making the field easier for the newcomers is a step towards success for both the industry as well as the newbies.

This week, the platform released the third episode of the ‘Producer Lab’ series, which had the lovely producer Tanveer Bookwala on it, associated with the student of MET Institute of Mass Media. This Bollywood producer has produced some great works for ALTBalaji’s extensive list of shows such as His Storyy, Fittrat, Boygiri, The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family and many more. In the episode, the students of MET Institute get an opportunity to speak to the producer where he speaks about his journey and shows them how a storyteller’s mind weaves magic. With his great experience and expertise in the industry, he had a lot to share.

During the conversation, producer Tanveer Bookwala was recorded saying, “So I have a degree in film making from the New York Film Academy. I came back in 2005-2006 and joined Balaji Telefilms where it all began! I started my career as a creative associate for a TV show and then went on to doing theatre, followed by stepping in the shoes of a director, and then a producer. So it’s a long journey but a lovely one. I was an outsider to this industry but with good ethics and hard work, I was able to work my way up there. Having mastered the art in various aspects of the industry, it has helped me learn a lot.”

He further explained, “With ALTBalaji, I have worked on some good projects. We have ‘Apaharan Season 2’ coming out next year on the platform along with a lot more fun projects on the way. The coming year is headed towards great success and a lot is in store for both, the makers as well as the audiences.”

He also urged aspirants to personally reach out to him as he is always up for a good collaboration. This series aims in the right direction when it comes to preaching the newbies or aspirants of the entertainment industry so the students can definitely benefit from this and how!


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