ALTBalaji and ZEE5 launch a poster depicting the diversity of emotions in their upcoming urban relationship drama His Storyy

ALTBalaji and ZEE5’s His Storyy is proving to be that incredible series that reaches every single member of the audience and leaves a mark. A few weeks ahead of the release of the series, ALTBalaji and ZEE5 release, a beautiful ensemble poster featuring Priyamani Raj (Sakshi), Satyadeep Mishra (Kunal), and Mrinal Dutt (Preet). While Kunal and Preet appear very much in love and seem happy and at peace, we see Sakshi pondering over her thoughts.

You would want someone to look at you the way Kunal looks at Preet, in this poster. In Sakshi, Kunal found his wife and partner. But it’s in Preet that he found his soulmate. They had history, but this is his story.

One can only imagine Kunal’s state of mind all these years as he has been living a lie. He kept his sexuality hidden out of lack of support and lack of understanding within society until he finally met Preet. However, this kind of secret would always have dire consequences.

An urban relationship drama, His Storyy, revolves around Kunal and Sakshi’s lives. They have been in a successful marriage with two wonderful children. Sakshi’s world, on the other hand, is torn apart when she learns the truth about Kunal cheating on her with a man, which eventually leads to their marriage hitting the rocks. His Storyy is a journey of two people, Kunal and Sakshi, trying to rediscover their ties to each other in the face of a crushing revelation.

This brilliant show is all set for streaming on 25th April. Keep watching this space as the trailer is out on 12th April.

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