Ajay Bijli launches own band, Random Order; releases first music video

Don’t Let The Sun Go Down on Me’ (Cover Version by the band Random Order) is a Tribute to the undying human spirit and the untiring efforts of the medical fraternity

It’s common knowledge that Ajay Bijli, Chairman and Managing Director, PVR Limited, is a man of many parts. But who knew he’s a talented musician too! Ajay Bijli has launched his own band, Random Order, and unveiled his first music video – Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me (Cover Version by the band Random Order) – A tribute to the undying human spirit and the untiring efforts of the medical fraternity. The song pays tribute to doctors and the medical fraternity who had put themselves at risk to battle the pandemic and saved lives. The original song was written by the great song lyricist, Bernie Taupin, and sung by the even greater Elton John. Released in 1974, it reached Number 1 on both sides of the Atlantic and is one of the world’s most popular, iconic numbers.

Ajay Bijli, lead vocalist of ‘Random Order, said: “Music is my passion and I take professional coaching in singing. During the pandemic with my business completely shut down, I was able to maintain my composure due to the therapeutic effect of music and kept an optimistic outlook that the challenging times will pass and we will be able to come out of this soon. Music is the universal language of humanity, it lessens the pain, struggle and has the power to bring positivity”.

Being in the film exhibition business, Bijli belongs to an eco-system of prolific and gifted directors, writers, actors, and musicians. Their creative pursuits inspired him to cultivate his childhood love for singing. He decided to hone his natural ability to sing with the same passion and discipline that he devoted to his health and fitness. He engaged a personal tutor to teach him the right techniques of singing, besides enrolling for professional coaching at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, and Trinity College of Music in Los Angeles. He makes it a point to do an hour’s alankar every morning, even if he is travelling, apart from singing three to four English songs daily.
The band’s name, Random Order, is apt because its members do not wish to be bound to one musical genre or period. From lush lyricism to innate musicality, the band wishes to explore a wide and rich range of genres and inject a little nostalgia to pull on their audience’s heartstrings.The band is open for bookings of shows and live events.


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