After Dear Zindagi, Shah Rukh Khan reunites with Alia Bhatt onscreen for an exciting project

Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt created magic onscreen with Dear Zindagi, a film that was loved by the masses across the globe, so much so that everyone have been craving to see SRK and Alia onscreen once again. And D’Decor, a pioneer in the world of furnishing fabrics who has been at the forefront of innovation, made this dream come true! The world’s largest maker of soft furnishing fabrics unveiled its ‘FabriCare – High Performance Fabrics by D’Decor’ with Bollywood stars Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan starring in an exciting new video.

The video embodies the essence of “Beauty that needs no protection.” Shot against the backdrop of an exquisitely designed home, the film unfolds a captivating narrative wherein the beauty of the environment is jeopardized by unforeseen visitors. Through a seamless fusion of action and entertainment, FabriCare by D’Decor brings Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan together, adding a touch of their signature charm to the narrative. Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan’s charm, elegance, and modern outlook perfectly resonate with the brand’s ethos of seamless living.

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“I have been with D’Decor for more than 13 years now and it is one brand that is home to me in every sense of the word. Having seen the brand grow with every passing year, it fills me with immense pride to see the launch of their new brand FabriCare – High Performance Fabrics by D’Decor.  I am sure, like D’Decor, FabriCare will also beautify many, many homes and give more power to the consumers to live stress free without worrying about the mishaps on their couch or curtains,” says Shah Rukh Khan – Brand Ambassador – FabriCare by D’Decor

“I am extremely happy to be part of the D’Decor family which has dressed beautiful homes across
the world. When beauty meets high performance, durability and functionality, you get FabriCare –
High Performance Fabrics by D’Decor. I am really looking forward to our journey together,” added Alia
Bhatt – Brand Ambassador – FabriCare by D’Decor.

With a vision of providing Indian consumers high quality fabrics with functionality, FabriCare by D’Decor is set to redefine the future of home fashion in India, especially with Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt as their faces!

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