Abhishek Nigam says I had a few crush encounters, remembers his college days

Amazon miniTV – Amazon’s free video streaming service, – ‘Jab We Matched,’ has given romance and dating a new spin. The show’s stellar cast includes Abhishek Nigam, Priyank Sharma, Mayur More, Prit Kamani, Shivangi Joshi, Jasmin Bhasin, and Revathi Pillai. The four episodes have intriguing titles like Algorithm, Jalkukde, Sirf Ek Date, and Formula Sheet, and each character has a different perspective on dating and different life goals. The heart-warming show introduces us to the stories of various characters, each of whom is endearing in their own way, as they face unexpected events, drama, and entertainment. Abhishek Nigam, recently opened up about modern love, dating and relationships.

Talking about his college days, Abhishek remembered his innocent love phase, saying, “I have not been so popular in school but I can say in college I was, and yes not many but few crush encounters happened”.

When asked about how one blurs the lines of love in this virtual dating era, he quoted, “By being real and true to what I express.” Adding to this he shared his changed opinion about love and relationships, “That the love fades away by time for the person you loved when you were in a relationship. I think it stays”.

Jab We Matched is a 4 episodic series, helmed by Director Srinivas Sunderrajan, written by Neil Chitnis, Amrit Paul, Bhavya Raj and Ritu Mago. With unique narrative and stellar cast, the show is guaranteed to feature some mushy drama revolving around the interesting pairs, unraveling their life stories. Jab We Matched is streaming on Amazon miniTV within the Amazon Shopping App and on Fire TV for Free.


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