Abhishek Nigam and Samriddhi Mehra’s much awaited romantic track of the year , Ye Adah releases and has been receiving a lot of appreciation ever since

Many songs come and go, but some would break that clutter and stay in our minds. One such track which is being heard on a repeat mode is ‘Ye Adah.’ The music video has a nice amalgamation of Stebin Ben’s impactful voice backed up by Abhishek Nigam and Samriddhi Mehra’s screen presence.

The video which is directed and choreographed by Adil Shaikh has a sweet concept that has been showcased well. The lyrics of Kumaar has played an important role to bring out the true emotions of the song.  The hook and the steps have been catchy. While both Abhishek and Samriddhi looked really adorable that packaged the song beautifully. The music video has been released on White Hills and the artists are managed by Mad Influence.

We got an opportunity to speak with Abhishek Nigam on this where he said, “I really loved the song, the minute I heard it. With so many music videos coming in, our team wanted to break that clutter and stand out. We did our level best to do that and fans have been praising ever since it’s release. We are overwhelmed with these responses and hoping that this song reaches millions of heart in the coming days.”

Samriddhi who is also seen in the most adorable way that she could ever be in this video also speaks where she says, “I was really happy when I came to know that I am a part of this video. Abhishek has been an amazing co-star to work with. Not to forget the entire cast and crew who has put so much effort to bring this video to all our fans. The response has been really great and we are hoping that it becomes a big hit in the coming days.”

Truly, ‘Ye Adah’ music video has come really well. We wish to see more of Abhishek and Samriddhi coming together as they looked really wonderful together.


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