A perfect life? Or a perfect lie? to know more about the story, ALTBalaji and ZEE5 launched a trailer of His Storyy

ALTBalaji and ZEE5 launch a brand new trailer for their latest urban relationship drama, His Storyy. The show’s announcement has made heads turn, and the trailer heightens every viewer’s curiosity and enthusiasm to watch the show. The music may be the most soothing thing you’ve heard. The trailer helps the story become more apparent to the viewers giving them a glance into everything they can expect, romance, family, drama, heartbreak, priorities, hate crimes, and everything in between.

The trailer starts with Sakshi, played by Priyamani Raj saying, ‘A perfect life, A Perfect Match, but kehte hai na, nothing is ever perfect”. Kunal appears to be the perfect husband, the perfect businessman, the perfect father, and a perfect friend until he is caught in a lie. A lie that destroys a seemingly joyful family and that shatters so many hearts. Imagine the exasperation felt when people keep reiterating, “aww… you guys are too perfect yaar”.

One hidden truth will now raise questions shaking the core of Kunal-Sakshi’s marriage. Kunal loves Sakshi, but his heart belongs to Preet!
Witness the story of love, lies, and acceptance in the urban society as the trailer ends with Sakshi’s pertinent statement to Kunal, “Yehi humara sach hai… Iss Shaadi main hum do nahi hai, aur teen ke liye iss shaadi main jagah nahi hai Kunal.”

His Storyy tells the tale of a modern-day family and life built by what appears to be a perfectly happy married couple, Sakshi and Kunal. This “perfect” family falls and grows apart when Kunal finally decides to embrace who he is. This comes at a great cost owing to society’s still narrow-minded and unforgiving nature. How do they navigate these waters? Is there hope for them still? Does love conquer all?

The star cast in the series includes Satyadeep Mishra as Kunal, Priyamani Raj as Sakshi, Mrinal Dutt as Preet, Nitin Bhatia & Mikhail Gandhi as Sakshi and Kunal’s children, and various others. The series has been directed by the talented Prashant Bhagia.

All your questions will soon be answered, as the show streams on 25th April on ALTBalaji and ZEE5 apps. Stay tuned!!


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