A double-whammy celebration for actress Deepti Sadhwani

The birthday & song launch bash which was expected to be a grand affair turned out to be phenomenal. It was a flamboyantly splendid party with glitz, glamour, opulence and loads of love for actress Deepti Sadhwani reflected from the entire preparations that were no less than perfect.

A significant chunk of the Bollywood & Television industry was seen at the celebrations. Some of the names from glamour arena were the biggest attraction at the birthday bash.

Feeling absolutely over the moon  Deepti said ,”Its a very special day, in fact its a double whammy celebration for me . Bringing in my birthday with my song is the cherry on the cake. Looking forward to the positive response from the audience as they have always blessed me with their love”

The actress who celebrates her birthday on 23rd January launch her label titled Moon Records. With that the label also released it’s first song “Nach Le” The song features Deepti Sadhwani’s euphonious voice and is the ideal song to brighten up any mood. The song is a peppy number that will surely make a place in your party playlist.

Deepti is well-known for her performance With rapper Badshah. Deepti made a memorable debut in the video Haryana Roadways. Since then, she has appeared in numerous smash hits, including Fazilpuria’s “Lala Lala Lori,” which has amassed more than 400 million views. In addition to further tracks that will shortly be published, Deepti has an intriguing schedule planned.


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