ZEE Ganga’s Memsaab No. 1 sees host Chintu Pandey lose his cool at contestants after an ugly fight in Ganga Villa This

Heat turns up many degrees this week when some contestants turn against Memsaab No.1 and host Chintu Pandey, leading to a volatile face off this week. While No.1 Bhojpuri movie star Kajal Raghawani appears in dazzling avatar in Gala telecast of the week”

Heard or read about the theory of survival of the fittest? Now witness, rather get a real feel of it on ZEE Ganga’s Memsaab No. 1, season 10. The drama-packed, women-only reality show in its fourth week looks nothing less than a battleground where every participant is trying to out-do the other to take the trophy home. To stay ahead in the race, equations are changing within minutes in the Ganga villa, friends are turning foes, groups are being created and promises are being made and broken. The chaos reaches a crescendo when it even gets to host Chintu Pandey this week. While the week will see a tense run of equations and dynamics, the culmination will see Kajala Raghawani making grand appearance to take the grim out and making things fun. The actor will enter the villa as the gala judge and set the dance floor on fire with her dazzling performance, and also encourage contestants to showcase their talent, this Thursday, at 6 PM.

Filled with edge-of-the-seat entertainment, the episodes of  ‘Aamdani Athani Kharcha Rupaiya’ this week are designed to judge finance management capacities of the contestants. While the inmates will earn money by performing specially designed high difficulty household chores, the added challenge will be as to how they spend this limited income to win another villa task assigned to them. Amid this challenge, an ugly fight breaks out among a few contestants in Ganga Villa, Ekta Gupta, Madhuri Kashayap and Vandana Gupta that cross the line and vent out their frustration towards the show and the host itself, which ends up infuriating host Chintu Pandey to no limits. So much so that he even gives a yet unheard of ultimatum to the disrupters and leaves everyone in shock. And the drama hits the roof when the biggest shock of the episode is revealed, of two eliminations in place of the usual one.

Were fewer votes the only deciding factor or the ugly spat among contestants led to this dual elimination? Who finally wins this cat fight? Who all will be bidding adieu to Ganga Villa this week? Is there a possibility of wild card entry? Were the eliminations justified? For the answers to all your questions tune in to the show Monday to Friday, between 6-7 pm and not to forget Kajal Raghwani adding the much needed tadka with her performance. As the judge, she will also interact with the participants, listen to their issues and share some pro-tips.


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