Writer Moni Singh on audio series Devil Se Shaadi, journey, OTT era and more

Originating from a small town in Bihar, Moni Singh, a young writer has showcased remarkable determination in her early career, culminating in the creation of the popular  series “Devil Se Shaadi.” The series has captivated audiences with its intricate storytelling and garnered widespread acclaim.

*How did you find out about Pocket FM and share your journey as a writer?*
It all started in January 2021 when a friend introduced me to Pocket FM. I wasn’t expecting it, but that’s when I began my journey as a writer. Even though I never saw myself as a writer before, I’ve always loved reading novels and books. So, despite some early writing challenges and no previous experience, I dove into learning about storytelling and making characters interesting. I learned a lot from reading different kinds of stories and novels to figure out how writing works. With the ideas and skills I gained, I started writing on my own and gradually got better. Once I joined Pocket FM, I kept on writing and that’s how I officially started my career as a writer.

*Can you tell us about your audio series ‘Devil Se Shaadi’ and where you got the idea from?*

I really wanted to create a simple and family-friendly audio series. My focus was on showing the special connections between family members like siblings, parents, and more. ‘Devil Se Shaadi’ is a love story where a confident guy and a sweet girl fall in love. The idea for it came from watching TV shows and reading a variety of content. I had always wanted to write a story that’s easy to relate to, full of love, and down-to-earth. That’s exactly what ‘Devil Se Shaadi’ is all about.

*How is writing an audio series different from writing any other content? What’s important when you’re writing for an audio series?*
Creating an audio series is a bit different. You have to pay close attention to the way you describe things and the conversations the characters have. These details help listeners imagine everything vividly and understand the story better. The main goal is to make the listeners feel connected to the story and encourage them to picture what’s going on. So, remembering these little things is really important when you’re writing for an audio series. It’s a different space, only more exciting.

*What do you think about when you write in this era of OTT platforms?*
In this time of OTT and availability of lots of content, there are many things to keep in mind. We need to think about who our audience is, how old they are, what they like, what they don’t like, and what they prefer. I aim to create stories that everyone can enjoy and understand. So, I like to explore different kinds of stories, be it comic, romantic or family drama that may catch the interest of different people. With all the OTT stuff going on, it’s not easy to know exactly who’s watching, but I do my best to connect with a large audience, whether they’re young or old folks, and ‘Devil Se Shaadi’ has everything to keep a wide range of people hooked.

*What kind of authors and books do you read, and who is your inspiration in terms of writing?*
I enjoy reading books of various genres, both fiction and non-fiction, with a special interest in historical books. Chetan Bhagat is one of my favorite authors, and his works have been quite an inspiration to me.

*What tips and messages do you have for aspiring writers?*
To all the new writers out there, my message is simple: Don’t be disheartened by failure. It’s normal to face challenges, but don’t give up. Keep writing and trying new things. Remember, failure is just a part of the journey. Stay determined and keep moving forward.

*Lastly, how has your association with Pocket FM been?*
Pocket FM has played a significant role in my growth as a writer. Before discovering Pocket FM, I never thought about writing. But once I joined the platform, my passion for storytelling ignited. It became the perfect place for me to bring my ideas to life, share my stories, and connect with others who share my interests. This journey has been life-changing and incredibly satisfying. I not only found a platform to showcase my work but also a supportive community of fellow writers, voice-over artists, and talented creators.


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