Warner Music India launches a soulful love ballad ‘Ishq Fakeeri’ by Ankit Tiwari

Starring Internet Sensation Ashish Bisht and Natasha Singh, the song will melt your heart

Warner Music India has launched a love ballad ‘Ishq Fakeeri’ by the versatile singer-composer, Ankit Tiwari. Starring internet sensations Ashish Bisht and Natasha Singh, this mellifluous track traces the journey of love. Ankit who has churned out some memorable songs like ‘Sunn Raha Hai’, ‘Galliyan’ and ‘Tu Hai Ke Nahi’ has swooned a billion hearts with his lilting voice and romantic compositions. He has collaborated with music giant Warner Music India for a three-song deal and Ishq Fakeeri is the first love anthem in the series.

The music video depicts the journey of a hardworking man who is madly in love and eager to build a future with his partner. However, he is also overwhelmed by the day-to-day problems that life throws at him and struggles to find his balance. It’s a warm and melting story about love being the silent yet powerful force in life.

The soulful track with a heart-touching video only exudes love, warmth, and passion, the perfect recipe to curl up under a blanket in this frigid winter weather.



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