Vibhav Roy Becomes a Guiding Light for Naqiyah Haji: Prepares Naqiyah for the Showdown in Star Bharat’s Shaitani Rasmein

Star Bharat’s show, Shaitani Rasmein, is gearing up for an epic showdown between the lead character Nikki and the main antagonist Mallik. Vibhav Roy, known for his roles in well-known shows and movies like Padmavat, currently stars as Piyush Gehlot in the series, opposite Naqiyah Haji, who plays Nikki. While this marks Naqiyah’s debut as a lead, Vibhav brings his extensive experience to the table, helping Naqiyah prepare for the pivotal sequence.

The upcoming showdown is crafted with special effects, CGI, and intensive training to make it as realistic as possible. Vibhav Roy has taken on the role of a mentor for Naqiyah, helping her with dialogue delivery and ensuring that she nails every shot.

*Naqiyah Haji expressed her gratitude, saying* , “I share great chemistry with Vibhav, and he is a dear friend off-screen as well. Vibhav has always been one of my biggest supports since we started shooting Shaitani Rasmein. This Nikki vs. Mallik sequence is a significant turn in the show, and I need to make sure I give my best. Vibhav, who is also working hard to make this sequence outstanding, constantly guides me with dialogue delivery and action sequences. He has worked on some of the best projects like the movie Padmavat and understands what each shot requires. As I mentioned before, it’s a team effort, and we all help and guide each other.”

*Vibhav Roy commented,* “The upcoming showdown sequence between Nikki and Mallik is a highlight of the show. The viewers can anticipate major twists and turns from this sequence. We might even see Mallik’s new face, which will be very interesting to watch. To make this shot as perfect as possible, we are all ensuring that we support and guide each other to make it look as realistic and to keep our viewers entertained.”

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