Vaishali Dev wants to spread her wings in making short films and web series

Vaishali dev the upcoming name in music movies and entertainment company has swept the world with her 3 big releases in 3 months .

Being an indo American , Vaishali dev has opened her own music label called the Spark musik movies which is trending on all leading social sites ! Vaishali dev has produced and released 3 videos under Spark musik movies label .. one being “Vaishnav Jan to “ which realised in January this year along with “ Radha Romeo “ which was out on the Valentine’s Day and the third one which is the most appreciated and is trending on YouTube , Instagram and other leading portals the album is called “Bholi Bhali Holi “! With whooping 3 million views in 3 days

Being an entrepreneur and a visionary Vaishali dev wants to spread her wings in making Short movies and commercial films along with festival films and Webseries on leading OTT under Spark media and spark media international .
Infact she has been working on few great collabs with leading bollywood production houses and studios and will soon have the film announcements .

Vaishali dev is passionate about her work and wants to give chance to all upcoming singers ,actors and musicians around the world ! She states that “we at Spark Musik Movies wants to welcome and give a platform to various talented artist to show their work through our association”
As an entrepreneur, business woman , social activist, and entertainer, She empowers everyone and says never give up on your passion and your dreams, if worked hard your dreams do comes true !

Journey from San Antonio to city of dreams Mumbai , it has been an exciting journey which she says is worth her struggle ! She inspires many people by saying that never give up on the fire that your Burn inside as an artist ..since we at Spark musik movies will help you shine and sparkle like a diamond in the sky !

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