Unconventional Romance ‘Kuch Love Jaisa’ featuring Aadar Malik and Simran Streams on YouTube

Presented by Rusk and Alright, the web series, tells the story of love and relationships with unusual twists and timings

Kuch Love Jaisa, a contemporary tale which revolves around mature relationships and love, is attracting viewers with its fresh approach towards the subject. Produced by Rusk Studio, the web series is streaming on YouTube. Rusk collaborated with the European food manufacturer, Dr. Oetker and ET Money to chalk out a romantic tale, ‘Kuch Love Jaisa’, of two single parents juggling their busy lives with parental responsibilities, featuring Aadar Malik, Simran Kaur Hundal and Badri Chavan.

Created by Rusk Studios, ‘Kuch Love Jaisa’ is a modern take on love and mature relationships. It is a tale of two single parents who find their lives intertwined after a comical misunderstanding. Their juxtaposing personalities- Shashank, a carefree stand-up comedian and Roshni, a devoted and nurturing teacher- find commonalities in their mutual loneliness. Their tale is off to a rocky start until their kids unknowingly play cupid and make them work as a team. The subtle and low-key romance of the show aims to capture the picture of a love that is responsible, a love that cements in a form that is not found in the average textbook romance, and a love that is unplanned and unexpected.

The intricacies of this four-part web series offer multiple avenues for relatable brand integrations. We showcased the FunFoods Mayonnaise & Spreads range as well as the Dr. Oetker Waffles, Cakes and Toppings range because these brands unite family members around the table enabling them to create their favourite pleasure food dishes. The protagonists, like all parents are focused on the well-being of their children while juggling the many difficulties in their lives. ET Money’s key solutions: Fund Report Card, Tax Saving Instruments and their platform that assists the user in understanding complex investment options and make the right investments in mutual funds; play a vital role in helping the protagonists of Kuch Love Jaisa stay ahead of their finances.

Rusk Studio’s Head of Revenue, Karanvir Sofat, said, “We are dedicated to model content that caters to the needs of today’s generation. I am sure that young parents will definitely connect with the story line. We are delighted to collaborate yet again with ET Money for the series and onboard Dr. Oetker for the first time with ‘Kuch Love Jaisa’. It was a pleasure to work with both organisations, and we look forward to continuing to do so in the future.”

Rusk Studios has been committed to anchoring a smart mix of relatable and romantic content and on-point brand integrations. In the upcoming months, Rusk Studios will be launching succeeding instalments to its flagship content: Couple Goals, Backpackers, Date With Senior- all centred around the love and the lives of Gen-Z and millennials.


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