This Audio Platform Captured Six of IMDB’s Top 50 Fantasy Podcast Series rankings

In a whirlwind of audio fantasies, audio series has achieved a remarkable feat. Pocket FM’s six fantasy audio series with its gripping storytelling have conquered their spots in IMDb’s coveted Top 50 Fantasy Podcast Series. This index serves as the ultimate yardstick for exceptional fantastical tales. Besides, these were the only Indian inclusion in this global listings.

Pocket FM’s remarkable audio series have made a strong impression on audiences. ‘Number Zero’ stands out at an impressive 12th spot, immersing listeners in its unique storytelling. Following closely behind is ‘Hiss – Rebirth of a Destroyer’ at the 14th spot, captivating with its gripping narrative. ‘Mahabali Mayank’ weaves enchanting mythological elements, securing the 16th spot, while ‘Super Yoddha’ finds popularity among fantasy enthusiasts at the 24th spot. The ‘Immortal Warrior’ and ‘Aflatoon Daddy’ claim the 38th and 40th spots, showcasing Pocket FM’s diverse and captivating content.,genres&title_type=podcastSeries

S. Sridhar, the accomplished writer behind ‘Super Yoddha,’ expressed immense joy at the resounding success of the audio series. “I’m overjoyed as a writer to see ‘Super Yoddha’ reach the top ranks of the fantasy podcast list on IMDb. It’s incredibly rewarding to know that our hard work is being recognized and appreciated. This achievement strengthens our dedication to providing outstanding content and showcases the remarkable talent and creativity in the Indian audio entertainment industry. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to our loyal listeners for their unwavering support and gratitude to Pocket FM for their consistent backing. With this accomplishment, we’re even more inspired to bring our audience even more captivating and engaging experiences.”

Other notable podcasts included ‘The Sandman’ at the numero-uno spot, ‘The Batman Audio Adventures’ at the 2nd spot, ‘Batman Unburied’ at the 3rd spot, ‘Marvel’s Wastelanders’ at the 4th spot, ‘Marvel’s Wastelanders Hawkeye’ at the 5th spot, ‘Intra Quest’ at the 13th spot, ‘Birds of Empire’ at the 14th spot, ‘Bookbukners’ at the 23rd spot.

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