The cast of Sony SAB’s ‘Aangan Aapno Kaa’ are beating summers by hosting mango party on the sets

Sony SAB’s ‘Aangan Aapno Kaa’ is a heartwarming family drama narrating the story of a single father Jaidev Sharma (Mahesh Thakur) and his three daughters Pallavi (Ayushi Khurana), Tanvi (Aditi Rathore) and Deepika (Neetha Shetty). Currently, the show is going through intense drama as Pallavi is devising a strategy along with the family members to give Pappi Mehra (Ashwin Kaushal), the fraudster who wronged them, a taste of his own medicine.

Just like the intriguing drama unfolds on screen, the actors of the show are facing an equally challenging battle offscreen: combating the relentless summer heat. Kusum (Sonali Naik), who plays Akash (Samar Vermani)’s chachi on the show, came to the rescue by bringing a batch of mangoes from her friend’s farm. This thoughtful gesture sparked an impromptu mango party on set. In the midst of filming under the scorching sun, the Sharma and Awasthi family members gathered to escape the heat and share some refreshing moments. This unplanned mango party not only provided a welcome break from the sun but also strengthened the bond between the cast and crew.

Samar Vermani who plays the role of Akash Awasthi, said, “As actors, we understand the challenges of shooting outdoor scenes, particularly in this scorching weather. Staying hydrated is crucial to combat the intense heat, so we made sure to drink plenty of fluids. To beat the effects of the heatwave, we hosted an impromptu mango party on set for everyone. Mangoes aren’t just fruits, they’re an essential summer delight, bringing happiness and laughter to all who indulge in their delicious taste.”

Ayushi Khurana who plays the role of Pallavi, said, “Individually, I have a deep affection for mangoes, and it was a delightful surprise when Kusum chachi brought in some incredibly delicious ones. The entire cast and crew enjoyed eating them. During a break in shooting, we all gathered around to enjoy these delectable mangoes together, creating a moment of camaraderie and joy on the set. It was a simple yet memorable experience, sharing laughter and stories while indulging in the sweet flavors of summer.”

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