Team ‘Maa Kaali’ met Hon’ble Governor of Bengal, Dr. CV Ananda Bose, captivating poster launched

“Maa Kaali” team recently had the privilege of meeting the Honorable Governor of Bengal, Dr. CV Ananda Bose, who unveiled a striking poster from the film. Prestigious production house “People Media Factory” bringing a powerful narrative in the backdrop of pre-partition Bengal. Directed by Vijay Yelakanti and featuring Raima Sen and Abhishek Singh, this emotional saga seeks to shed light on the tragic struggles of Bengalis amidst the tumultuous events of the past.

Produced by TG Vishwa Prasad and co-produced by Vivek Kuchibotla, the first look of “Maa Kaali” recently unveiled first look captures everyone’s attention with its evocative imagery, juxtaposing the iconic figure of ‘Maa Kaali’ with a woman in a hijab. This poignant visual metaphor eloquently conveys the intricate themes of identity and the barriers erected by society that the film seeks to address.

A noteworthy encounter occurred when the makers of “Maa Kaali” were graced with an audience by the Honorable Governor of Bengal, Dr. CV Ananda Bose, who unveiled a captivating and striking poster for the film. During their visit, producer Vishwaprasad TG garu engaged in a meaningful conversation with the leader. Director Vijay, actress Raina Sen, and Abishek Singh also had a brief interaction with Dr. Ananda Bose, sharing insights into the narrative’s heartfelt and compelling journey. The discussion provided an opportunity for the team to convey the essence of the film and its thematic depth, resonating with Dr. Ananda Bose’s interest in meaningful storytelling and societal issues.

The film’s content is reaching places and is appreciated by noted writer and researcher of Netaji, Anuj Dhar, eminent journalist and BJP think tank, Padma Bhushan Swapan Dasgupta. They shared and commented on the film on their social media handles. The film is reaching people through the team’s creative promotions and intriguing content, poised to create a sensation everywhere upon its release.

Bankrolled by the People Media Factory, “Maa Kaali” is a testament to the power of storytelling in illuminating the darkest chapters of history while offering hope for the future. Through its exploration of identity and the human spirit, the film invites audiences to reflect on the lessons of the past and the enduring strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

Music is scored by Anurag Halder while the cinematography is handled by Acharya Venu. The film will be released in both Hindi and Bengali very soon.

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