Tara Sutaria reacts on Shiamak Davar’s Post Throwback Post On Instagram With Alyque Padamsee, here’s what she said

Tara Sutaria pens down a heartfelt comment on Shiamak Davar’s post on Instagram as he remembers the early days of English Musical Theatre in Bombay. Her heartwarming reaction has truly ignited nostalgia among the theatre fans of the 80s. Read more.

Renowned choreographer Shiamak Davar recently shared a post on Instagram where he takes a trip down memory lane with a picture from the highly acclaimed show ‘Tarantula Tanzi’, which was inaugurated at the NCPA Experimental Theatre in 1984 and was a runaway hit.

For many fans, it was a welcome throwback and stirred up memories of the Theatre scene in the late 80s. After seeing the Instagram post, actress Tara Sutaria commented: “Oh my!! Fabulous. Is that dearest Karla!? ♥️♥️♥️”. Through this comment, the influence that Shiamak Davar and Alyque Padamsee had and still have in the industry is very evident.

At a time when women and dancing weren’t in the limelight, Alyque Padamsee brought both together on stage with a show that portrayed the struggles of being a woman using wrestling as a medium. Soon more and more young people took to this new form of dance and theatre and while they were a far cry from Broadway standards, they were becoming increasingly proficient in theatrical dancing.

In his previous interviews, the choreographer has also spoken about his struggles in making dance an accepted art form. Without the vision, guidance, and support of Alyque Padamsee, the English Theatre and indeed Shiamak Davar would not be at the level it is today. Performers like Shiamak used these opportunities as stepping stones to rise to the level they are at today.

During times of various trends and ever-changing preferences, Tara Sutaria’s heartwarming reaction to the post serves as a beautiful reminder of the enduring power of art.

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