Superstar Singer 2 captain Pawandeep Rajan dedicates the song ‘Tera mujhse hai pehle ka nata koi’  for the adorable little wonder Sayisha Gupta

With its extraordinary display of India’s young singing talent, Sony Entertainment Television’s homegrown kids singing reality show Superstar Singer 2 has captivated its audience. With their impeccable singing, the contestants a.k.a the ‘Best Bache Ever’ continue to impress the judges and special guests week on week. The upcoming episode is going to transport the audience to the golden Kishore da era with the ‘Non-stop Kishore Kumar’ special this sunday. Celebrating the maverick with much grandeur, the contestants, captains and judges will be seen giving back-to-back performances on the fondest and path-breaking songs of B-town’s most iconic singer Kishore Da.

Amidst all the beautiful performances, captain Pawandeep Rajan will take the opportunity to dedicate the beautiful song ‘Tera mujhse hai pehle ka nata koi’ to his little dynamite, Sayisha Gupta, making everyone go ‘awww’.  This dedication will not only sparkle Sayisha’s eyes but will also melt everyone’s heart. The performance will represent the strong knitted bond of the captains and their contestants showing they have now become a close knit family than just a guru-shishya.

Watch this ‘awww’ moment and more in the upcoming episode of Superstar Singer 2 this Sunday at 8pm only on Sony Entertainment Television!

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