Super Mario Bros. Movie : Reasons To Rekindle Your Childhood Spirit

Spring is in the air! Reminiscing the good old childhood spirit, the animated adventure movie, ‘The Super Mario Bros.’ is all set to hit the charts this week. An ode to the Super Mario Bros, with a flamboyance of all kinds of fun Easter eggs, here are finer intricacies that the film truly radiates passion for the die-hard child in you.

The Inter-Galactic Experience
Among inevitable work pressures & the neverending hustle-bustle in a click-of-a-button world, Mario takes you into a pleasant escape from the realities life throws at you, to an uncharted intergalactic dimension. With an unique blend of heartwarming & uplifting moments, Super Mario Bros is a seamless getaway into the fantastical realm.

State-Of-Art New-Age Animation
Highlighting the graphics of the world-class teaser, Mario Bros. animation adventure is the one to watch out for! From Mario’s ‘blue-collar’ struggle to Princess Peach’s mesmerising appearance, this movie has state-of-the-art animation that will be sure to keep you gripped with anticipation – ensuring a multi-niche dimensional experience.

Embracing The Childhood Spirit In You
Super Mario Bros. is a unique opportunity to embrace the childhood spirit in each of us, with unlimited fun & frolic. Given the fast-paced life we live in, the animated movie teaches us to slow down & embrace the child in us, in all walks of life. With Mario & Luigi taking the leap of faith into pursuing the plumbing business, the movie is a ray of hope for every child, in a world of possibilities.

A First-Time Player, A Lifetime Fan
Quite like its stupendous animation-packed trailer, Super Mario Bros. caters to the first-time player & a lifetime fan – every gamers’ favourite. The animated adventure is sure to up the notch of every gamers’ fantasy of getting back on the game & hitting play. Prepping every players’ playground with the promise to keep you gripped, Super Mario Bros is certainly worth the wait, into the fantasy world!

Catch Super Mario Bros in a theatre near you April 7th onward

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