Sumbul Touqeer dressed as bride and Prateik Chaudhary seen as an arrogant groom, here’s the much-awaited promo of Pocket FM’s audio series Devil Se Shaadi

After creating a massive buzz on social media with its behind-the-scenes footage, Pocket FM finally released the much-awaited promo for audio series Devil Se Shaadi featuring Sumbul Touqeer and Prateik Chaudhary! In the series, Sumbul Touqeer takes on the role of Ishqi, a young woman who finds herself caught in a whirlwind of unexpected events. Against her wishes, she is forced to tie the knot with Rajveer – a rude and arrogant person, played by Prateik.

Pocket FM, an audio series platform, is known for dishing out blockbuster serialized audio fiction across various genres in multiple languages. Devil Se Shaadi is a quirky love story between two contrasting characters who come together in the institution of marriage without Ishiqi’s will. Ishqi is terrified even at the mere sight of Rajveer, though fate has other plans in store for them. As their journey unfolds, Ishqi discovers that Rajveer is harbouring secrets of his own, and their love story starts taking unexpected turns.

The television stars Sumbul Touqeer and Prateik Chaudhary, who are trending on social media with #IshRaj, will take the audience through an emotional rollercoaster journey of Ishqi and Rajveer’s unconventional marriage.

Watch the promo:

Talking about her first association with Pocket FM, *Sumbul Toqueer Khan says,* “The realm of audio storytelling has truly captivated my imagination. When I received the offer for Pocket FM’s ‘Devil Se Shaadi,’ I was immediately enchanted by its intriguing title and enthralling narrative. This extraordinary love story is brimming with unexpected turns that will keep the audience engrossed. As an advocate for exceptional content, I wholeheartedly embrace the refreshing transformation that audio series brings. Also, collaborating with Pratiek (Chaudhary) has been an absolute delight. His remarkable talent and superb camaraderie have made our journey together truly unforgettable.”

Commenting on his association with Pocket FM, *Prateik Chaudhary says,* “Collaborating with Pocket FM for the very first time has been an absolute pleasure. ‘Devil Se Shaadi’ beautifully narrates the tale of Ishiqi and Rajveer, two individuals with contrasting personalities who gradually find themselves entangled in love. Witnessing their remarkable journey unfold is nothing short of fascinating, and I’m confident that listeners will be captivated by its excitement and entertainment. The production team’s dedication ensured an efficient shooting process, and I must say, it was an immensely enjoyable and enriching learning experience. Also, my co-star Sumbul’s unwavering confidence and complete immersion in her character are truly commendable.”

What’s the future of their union? How will their relationship unfold amidst the secrets and challenges that lie ahead? Will Ishqi and Rajveer ever fall for each other or grow apart in this tumultuous journey? Only time will tell. To know further about the dramatic journey of Ishqi and Rajveer, stay tuned to Pocket FM.

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