Star Bharat launches its new season of Savdhaan India with Sushant Singh as Host

Star Bharat is all set to launch the highly anticipated new season of its flagship show, “Savdhaan India,” with the theme “Criminal Decoded.” Renowned for its gripping real-life crime stories, the show is making a remarkable comeback.

Since its debut on Star Bharat in 2012, “Savdhaan India” has not only provided entertainment but has also acted as an informative platform, shedding light on the dark world of crime and its consequences. With seven seasons and a remarkable 3,162 episodes under its belt, the show’s compelling narratives, based on true incidents, have enthralled audiences across India and beyond.
Seasoned actor and familiar face in the Indian entertainment industry, Sushant Singh, returns as the host of “Savdhaan India.” Sushant’s exceptional storytelling skills and authoritative presence have played a pivotal role in making the show not just educational but also empowering, helping viewers stay informed and secure.

Commenting on the upcoming season, host Sushant Singh shared, “The crime stories we see in the media can send shivers down your spine. What were once isolated incidents have unfortunately become frequent occurrences in our society. It’s crucial to curb these trends and increase awareness. I’m excited to be a part of the upcoming season of ‘Savdhaan India: Criminal Decoded.’ I continue to receive messages from people who highlight the valuable lessons they’ve learned from our show. This season, our goal is to take a deeper dive into criminal activities, exploring a fresh perspective and delving into the psychology of wrongdoers. Through this show, I’m once again dedicated to protecting individuals from criminal acts.”

The upcoming season promises to delve even further into the realm of criminal investigations, offering insights into the criminal mind and helping viewers become more aware and informed. Each episode will be carefully crafted to provide an accurate and sensitive portrayal of real events.

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