Star Bharat is to launch yet another unconventional love story “ Aashao Ka Savera Dheere Dheere Se”

Star Bharat is swiftly turning into one of the most prominent attractions for intriguing and enticing entertainment.One such show, “Aashao Ka Savera..Dheere Dheere Se,” is about to premiere and features a talented cast, including Rahil Azam as “Raghav” and Reena Kapoor as “Bhavna” as the lead opposite.

The two antagonistic characters Bhavna and Raghav are the centre of the show’s main plot. Bhavna, who is a widow who must contend with society’s expectations, meets Raghav who is aHe is a well-educated guy with an amazing sense of humor, respects elders, and loves his parents. He has a nature of motivating people. When he comes across this lady who is falling short of doing so many things in life where she can do them, he indirectly motivates her ,and to their surprise, fate brings the two of them together and grants them a second chance at love. Rheena Kapoor and Rahil Azam alternately portray the characters Bhavna and Raghav .

*Rahil Azam on the launch of the show says*, “The concept of this show excites me greatly, and I’m happy that I was given the chance to work with Star Bharat on its newest show, “Aashao Ka Savera.. Dheere Dheere Se.” The other performers are diversely brilliant and very cooperative, so the set is full of energy and fun. I’m interested to watch how my character develops, and I have no doubt that the audience will enjoy the intriguing story because it is an uncommon love story. In the same way that I did in my earlier television roles, I intend to give the character justice and win the audience over.”

*Reena Kapoor on the launch of the show says* “Aashao Ka Savera.. “Dheere Dheere.” Se is receiving similar gunfire to Ott. Realistic photography is used for the takings, lighting, costumes, and performances. All of us are tired of the over-the-top performances, studios that are brightly illuminated, and hero heroines and other characters that are heavily made up. I think the audience will be able to unwind after this show.”

The show has highlighted the issue of women in our culture who, after losing their spouses, not only lost their life partners but also their identities, as well as how society views them. My interest in the presentation was piqued by this idea, which is so genuine and applicable to any woman .I had a great time while shooting for this show, and I hope I did my character justice. I’m also confident that the audience will adore the plot due to its unique and endearing concept. I’m confident that the concept will be well received by the public, and I’m appreciative that the show’s creators thought I was a good fit for the part. I’m having a great time because the set is so entertaining”.

The drama, which is produced by Swastik Production, is based on the idea of love and women’s struggles after becoming widows.The story revolves around two polar opposite characters Bhavna and Raghav, who are alternately represented by Reena Kapoor and Rahil Azam, who are at the centre of the narrative. The story gives a message of how life can give you chances to love again after you lose hope or lose someone.

Rahil Azam and Reena Kapoor’s unique chemistry excites us, and we can’t wait to see them in their new roles. Many ladies who struggle to run a family after becoming widows will undoubtedly feel empowered by the show. The show will definitely grab the audience’s attention and stimulate their curiosity due to the star-studded cast.

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