Star Bharat actors recalls their wonderful memories with their father and cherish the special moments with them as they wish them on the occasion of Father’s Day

Rachana Mistry from Star Bharat’s ‘Na Umra Ki Seema Ho’ shares her Father’s day celebration plans with us, she says, “This year Father’s Day is a little special as i get to celebrate it not only with my real father, but also my reel father Deepakji who plays my on screen father in the show ‘Na Umra Ki Seema Ho’. It’s a ritual to get cake and have dinner back at home on the occasion of Father’s Day and this year it’s going to be same.My father is a very introvert person who doesn’t like to celebrate things but we make sure of following this ritual every year. Our bond is not like every father-daughter bond, but it is like a relation of a father- son. The best part about our relation is we respect each other and I have the same relationship with my on screen father Deepakji too.I even call him papa and  he like a very sweet loving father gets lunch for me. The amount of love and respect we share for each other is a beautiful thing.” I’m grateful to Star Bharat for giving me such a wonderful family on screen which feels like my own.”

Ayushi Khurana from ‘Ajooni’ shares some warm memories about her father, “Back in days I believed that I dint had a understanding with my father and I wasn’t his favourite but being the only child I was stupid to think that. He did stop me from coming to mumbai and becoming an actor, but that was all out of his protective intentions. But I eventually came to Mumbai and pursued my acting career. When I told him that I have bagged a show on ‘Star Bharat’ as a lead in the show ‘Ajooni’, he was the happiest person to know this and than I realised that all these years that he was just being protective. Though he always believed in me, he knew I would do something useful in my life. And he was right. Thank you so much, Papa, for making me a strong, confident & and independent woman. Thank you for believing in me. I know you are proud of me. Happy Father’s Day, Papa♥️. Love you a lot.”

Kajal Chauhan from Star Bharat’s ‘Meri Saas Bhoot Hai’ says, “ I am too close to my father we are 4 sisters and ever since my childhood he has never said no to me for anything. He has always wished the best for me. That’s the reason I’m here today doing a show on Star Bharat as a lead.He has been my biggest support and always encouraged me in my every decision. Every year it’s a ritual that I bring cakes and flowers for my father. This year too I’ll do the same thing as I’ll be busy shooting for my show ‘Meri Saas Bhoot Hai’. Hence, i won’t be able to celebrate with him, but I’ll send him cakes and flowers like every year. I wish to do something bigger for him, and with all his blessings, I hope that I buy him something that he feels proud of me and always cherish it throughout his life”.

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