Splitsvilla 10 alumi Akash Choudhary and Nibeditaa Pal’s Bali Vacay Fuels Love Speculations

Love seems to be brewing in the air for Akash Choudhary and Nibeditaa Pal, who were once seen on the Splitsvilla show. Guess what? These two are off on a romantic adventure in Bali! Yep, you heard it right. They were both part of the tenth season of that dating show, and now they’re taking their own shot at love.

Remember how they met on the show and became buddies? Well, turns out their friendship has blossomed into something more special. They’re officially a couple now, and they’re practically joined at the hip. Parties, events, and now a fabulous Bali vacation – they’re doing it all together.

“The two have been friends since then. However, the two started dating each other very recently. The two often hang out together. Whether it is parties, events, or even a vacation, Akash and Nibeditaa are inseparable,” a reliable source shares.

Hold on to your hats: they jetted off to Bali on Thursday. And guess what? They’re not only sharing the stunning views but also their lovey-dovey moments with us. No secrets here – they’re proudly flaunting their getaway for the world to see.

Turns out, Akash has been hustling like crazy lately. He’s been grinding away, and he’s got a London work trip lined up next month. So what do they do? They decide to catch a breather and whisk themselves off to Bali. That’s right, a quick escape to paradise to unwind and revel in each other’s company.

Our reliable source said, “Akash has been working very hard since last week. He has another work trip to London next month. So, he and Nibeditaa decided to take a quick trip to Bali.”

Akash rose to fame began with his memorable appearance on Splitsvilla Season 10, captivating audiences with his charm and talent. He was last seen in Zee TV’s show Bhagya Lakshmi. Currently he is busy hustling professional commitments in acting, modeling, and his his own dream production house


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