Slurrp Farm Steps Up for Breastfeeding with #CradleOfCare initiative

Brings alive the breastfeeding stories of mothers from across the country

Launches a series of heartfelt videos to celebrate the different journeys mothers have while breastfeeding

To celebrate World Breastfeeding Week and highlight the different ways breastfeeding impacts mothers, millet-based children’s food brand Slurrp Farm has launched its #CradleOfCare campaign.

In line with World Breastfeeding Week’s theme of ‘Step Up for Breastfeeding: Educate and Support’, the campaign aims to bring conversations about breastfeeding into the mainstream while highlighting how the journey of each mother is different. The week-long digital forward, influencer-led campaign features stories from popular mothers across the country and kicked off with actress and writer Kalki Koechlin talking about her experience breastfeeding her daughter Sappho.

Through the video, Kalki speaks about how breastfeeding is a huge change and is beautiful yet tough at the same time. She reminisces the early days when she was feeding on demand, and how that came with its own mental and physical challenges. In the minute-long video, Kalki also acknowledges how she has immense respect for mothers who choose not to breastfeed or opt for formula for their little ones.

#CradleOfCare builds on Slurrp Farm’s core belief that feeding is one of the most nurturing and joyful parts of a mother-child relationship. Through the week, well-known personalities such as tv actress Anita Hassanandani, South film industry personality Sruti Nakul, attorney Sanjana Rishi, and social media personalities Pooja Khanna and Swati Jagdish will share their breastfeeding stories and talk of the people who supported them in this journey.

Each of the heartfelt videos touches upon a different aspect of breastfeeding – while Kalki’s talks about the need for mothers to be guilt-free when it comes to breastfeeding, Anita’s touches upon the need for more education on the topic.

Sruti will talk of her experience ‘tandem’ feeding two children at once, while Sanjana will speak of how it’s more important for children to have an emotionally available mother than anything else. With Pooja, #CradleOfCare will explore the journey of a mother whose child was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome and for whom breastmilk was an important source of DHA for cerebral development.

Speaking about the campaign, Meghana Narayan and Shauravi Malik, co-founders, Wholsum Foods, said, “As two mothers who’ve personally experienced the challenges of breastfeeding – mentally as well as physically, and both at home as well as in the workplace, we wanted to destigmatize the conversations around it. This year, with #CradleOfCare, we want to open up dialogue around breastfeeding and enable mothers to create a space for themselves where they can share their experiences without fear of judgment or bias. #CradleOfCare aims to put the spotlight on many varied experiences that exist and encourage more mothers across the country to open up about their breastfeeding journeys, whether good or bad.”

Founded in 2016, Slurrp Farm is a brand made by two mothers that provides healthy, yummy, and natural snack and mealtime options for young children and their parents. Made with the goodness of millets, Slurrp Farm’s noodles are 100% vegetarian, with no added preservatives, enhancers, artificial flavors, colors, trans fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol. In April 2022, Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma joined the brand as strategic partner, investor and brand ambassador. She also featured in Slurrp Farm’s first-ever brand campaign, ‘Yes Ka Time Aa Gaya’.

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